Women want to look and feel their best. Feminine health and wellness is no exception. Aging, childbirth, and menopause often cause noticeable and uncomfortable changes to the vagina. The Geneveve by Viveve procedural breakthrough will tighten tissue, improve moisture, treat incontinence (involuntary urination), and increase sexual drive and satisfaction. It can also help the external appearance of the labia.  All in a safe, painless, 30 minute treatment.


Watch this 5 minute video and keep your eyes peeled for one of our nurses making a mini cameo!

What is Geneveve by Viveve™?

The Viveve RF (radio frequency) device provides the only single treatment option to resolve vaginal laxity (loose skin), incontinence (urine leakage), and dryness.  In a recent study, at 6 months post treatment, women had an average of 73% less urine leaked on a daily basis.  On top of that, 66% of women had less than 1 gram of leakage...that is close to nothing! Viveve’s globally triple-patented, groundbreaking technology is a fantastic choice for women who desire a one time 25 minute procedure to improve symptoms of laxity, loss of sensation, loss of orgasm, painful intercourse, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, and overactive bladder.  The treatment uses a clinically-proven, dual-action, cryogen-cooled heating and cooling method to reclaim and tighten tissue, as well as encourage the production of new collagen.  This unique technology stimulates the body’s natural collagen formation process, so your body recreates more youthful vaginal tissue.  Doctors, nurses, and patients report the procedure using the Viveve device delivers a noticeable tightening of the entire vaginal barrel for increased friction and pleasure during sexual intimacy, greater bladder control, increased moisture, and more youthful vaginal tissue.

  • the only device with an FDA IDE cleared study for safety and efficacy

  • pain free

  • fast

  • no downtime

  • no surgery

  • no “crusting” or itching

  • decreased bladder leakage

  • increased moisture

  • increased tightness

  • increased sensation

  • increased sexual satisfaction

  • decreased "air trapping"

  • decreased "tampon slipping"

How Many Viveve Treatments Are Required?

The treatment using the Geneveve by Viveve device consist of a single 30 minute procedure.  Compared to other treatments, which are 3 separate 20-30 minute procedures.  The procedure using the Geneveve by Viveve is one that can achieve fantastic results with no post-procedure downtime in only a single treatment.

Can I be treated externally as well?

Yes! The Geneveve device can also be used to give your labia a tighter and more youthful appearance. 

How Much Does the Geneveve Treatment Cost?

Your treatment costs will vary based on your specific needs. Set up your complimentary consultation now. During your consultation, your provider will discuss the range of treatment options available, and together you can form a treatment plan that meets your needs, desires, and goals. 

Many patients are able to use their HSA and FSA accounts to pay for treatment as well.

Will There Be Any Downtime?

The Viveve device is an excellent option for those patients who want absolutely no downtime, great results, the latest technology, and a track record of excellent patient satisfaction and long-term success. Most patients are able to resume their regular activities immediately following their treatment.  We only ask you do not have sex or use a tampon for 48 hours after treatment.

Set up your complimentary consultation for Geneveve treatment today.


External: $1800 alone, $1200 as an add on, Internal: starting at $2999

I have had so many problems with vaginal dryness and incontinence. I had Geneveve done in 2017 and it improved my sex life so much and incontinence was gone. The sex was absolutely great my husband and I are both so happy. No more dryness and I would have several orgasms one right after another. Also it was great to be able to laugh and cough again without peeing. Absolutely one of the best things I have ever done.
— Geneveve Patient Review