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Suitable for both men and women, PRP Hair Restoration is a simple and safe procedure with a quick and easy recovery period. The process uses components of your own blood to give natural and beautiful results. Otherwise known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, PRP Restoration is an FDA cleared, non-surgical hair restoration alternative. This advanced treatment naturally stimulates hair follicles to combat hair loss and to urge tissue regeneration.  You regrow your own hair! The results are incredible...this could be the life changing solution you have been looking for.


What does the treatment process look like?

  • Most patients start to see results after 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, and continue to increase growth for months after stopping treatment.

  • We recommend 5 treatments for most patients for full therapy, and then a single treatment periodically for upkeep.

  • No Surgery.

  • Safe: A-Cell is FDA Approved.

  • All-Natural: uses your own platelets, naturally reversing the hair loss process.

  • Risk of reaction is almost non existent as we use your own plasma for the treatment.

  • Quick, easy, no downtime.

  • Cost effective.

  • We also offer "spot treatment" for clients who only have hair loss in one small area

Pricing: (Discount Packages Available)

Large area or Multiple Small Areas: $800

Small Single Area: $550